New pattern: Cassandra, a dress for all occasions AND Cassandra extension pack!

Break out the champagne, our newest pattern is here just in time for Christmas!

Cassandra is a dress that will take you anywhere, with two neckline options, two hemline options and two sleeve lengths. Depending on your fabric choices, you can make Cassandra a casual dress, a work wardrobe staple, or a stunning party dress. AND we’re also releasing an extension pack that gives you the additional pattern pieces to turn it into a top or a cardigan! I’m going to talk you through all the options here, and then give you our launch week discount code! Shall we start with the party dress?

Bring on the cocktails!

Cassandra has an elegant and easy-to-wear shape that lets your fabric do the talking. It’s fitted through the bust, and then flares gently at the waist and hips before swirling out into a swing skirt. You can choose between a fashionable high-low hem (shown in the picture on the left) or a classic just-above-the-knee normal hem (shown in the picture on the right). There are two neckline options: a round neck or a dramatic plunge neck, and two sleeve lengths (long or elbow length). As you can see in these photos, if you make Cassandra in occasionwear fabric, she’s the perfect little party dress: the fabric on the left is a deep navy metallic jersey with lurex (so it’s sparkly in real life, though the sparkles don’t show up well on the photo!) and on the right is a silver pleated velvet jersey.

But Cassandra can take you anywhere. Look at these “day dress” versions (yeah I know, I’ve still got my “party” hair in the photos. Should’ve combed it out for the “daytime” look, but I don’t get to have bouncy curls very often so I was milking them!):

The dress on the left combines the plunge neck, long sleeves and high-low hem, and is made in a viscose slub jersey. It looks good with heels, flats or boots for cool season style. The dress on the right is the round neck, short sleeves, normal hem combination and is perfect for workwear or for layering with a cardigan.

Did somebody say cardigan?

If you read my post about the MAGAM sewalong “original October” theme, you’ll already know the origin story of our first extension pack! Enter Cassandra as a top or a cardigan:

The Cassandra extension pack allows you to use the Cassandra dress pattern to build a wardrobe of wearable garments. It gives you the additional pieces you need to make both a top and a cardigan with two neckline options, two hemline options and two sleeve lengths for each. The top and cardigan are fitted at the bust and then gently flared to skim over the tummy and hit at the mid-hip for the high-low hem (the picture on the left) and low hip for the normal hem (the picture on the right). You can make it as a t-shirt, a lightweight sweater, or a cardigan. As with the dress, you can mix and match your pattern pieces to create a different Cassandra each time – in fact with the dress and extension pack together, there are 24 possible variations! Both of these samples are made in cotton jacquard, and they make lovely lightweight layering pieces. Because we’re entering a cooler season here, I’ve made both of these in warm fabric with long sleeves and round necks, but here are a few more styling possibilities:

I’ve made it as (left to right) a long-sleeved t-shirt in cotton jersey, a high-low hem cardigan in cotton jacquard, and a short-sleeved plunge-neck top in sweater knit (that’s the only one of my Cassandras I don’t like! The fabric is quite scratchy, so I’ll be re-making this style in a better fabric – in fact I’ve already cut it out of this flamingo cotton jersey, so you can expect to see that soon!) Both of the cardigans photographed here are made with the round neck as it suits my personal taste better, but you can see how it looks with the plunge neckline as shown in this post. I think with the plunge neckline it would look really cute over a button-down shirt.

And the final bit of exciting news is that we’ve added a new size to our range: Cassandra is available in sizes XXS-XXL (see our updated sizing chart for further information).

Did I say that was the final exciting thing? Where’s my head?! Here’s the discount code!

Cassandra is part of our normal pattern range, and is £6 full price. The extension pack is £4 as a separate purchase if you decide to just buy the dress but come back for the extension pack at a later date, OR you can buy both in a bundle at a reduced price of £9. And for this first launch week, we are offering 20% off ANY Cassandra purchase! Use the code CASSANDRA20 this week for 20% off at checkout.

We hope you’ll love Cassandra and make her over and over again. For now I’ll leave you with some different angle shots so that you can get a sense of the side, back, and swing of the different variations. Happy sewing!


18 thoughts on “New pattern: Cassandra, a dress for all occasions AND Cassandra extension pack!

  1. Diane G

    Ooh, I think my fave for the Winter for a day dress is the higher neckline and long sleeve with the high low hem….I’m definitely tempted! And doesn’t it look great in a glam fabric and lower neck for evening wear?

    1. valentineandstitch Post author

      Thanks Di, I’m really happy you like it! The combination you describe sounds lovely – I wore the black one with boots yesterday and it was super comfy but I still felt smart!

  2. Kelly

    My goodness you have been a busy lady Helen! So many options- it’s so exciting!! 🙂 I’m already daydreaming about making this is a nice stretch velvet and maybe the long-sleeve t-shirt as well. You look lovely btw! Love the bouncy curls 🙂

    1. valentineandstitch Post author

      Thank you Kelly! I’m happy it has you daydreaming, and your choices sound wonderful! And thank you, I rarely get to have bouncy curls (normal routine is wash hair, comb hair, forget about hair!!) so it was fun to get glammed up 😄

      1. Kelly

        I totally understand! Fussing with my hair is not on the top of my to do list lol! Much rather be sewing 😉 Looking forward to making and wearing Cassandra this upcoming winter season. 🙂

        1. valentineandstitch Post author

          haha, yeah I see it as a good day if I get where I’m going and realise I’ve remembered to brush my hair 😂 Can’t wait to see your take on Cassandra, you always make such beautiful choices!

  3. Maxine

    They all look fab Helen, I especially love the navy metallic jersey one and have just bought the pattern because I want this actual dress, it’s gorgeous! I’m thinking I’ll be able to make one for my youngest daughter too, she’ll be the XXS no doubt! X

    1. valentineandstitch Post author

      Thanks so much Max! I’m happy you like it. That fabric is from Minerva Crafts – it’s navy lurex jersey (if you put “navy lurex” in their search box you should find it!) we can be dress twins 😂👍 hope your daughter will love it too xx

  4. Sarah Liz

    I like all the styles and options – although I would never count them all! It’s ncie to have both round and plunge neck variations – so many patterns are low cut now, and some of us like and need the higher neckline. The cardigan is lovely and is on my very to do list. I have some lovely wook knit so I think the dress will be on the must make list for winter. And thank you for your mention of me being the inspiration – quite overwhelmed!

    1. valentineandstitch Post author

      Thank you Sarah Liz, I’m so happy you like it. I can’t wait to see your version of the cardigan and, in due course, the dress (though I certainly shan’t wish your summer away for you!) I am so very happy to have joined the MAGAM sewalong group, it has resulted in some beautiful garments for me (including the latest one which I hope to post about later today!) and I feel very thankful for your support, and for the little push to go further which, in this case, resulted in the cardigan pattern! It delayed the release, which was originally planned for November, but I think it was worth it and I hope when you make it you’ll agree. Thank you again!

  5. Sew Sarah Smith

    Oh my goodness you look so beautiful in all versions! That silver straight hem version has me all 😍 but the black ballerina-esque View is perfection! This is definitely going in my sewing queue!!! Xxx

    1. valentineandstitch Post author

      Aw, thank you Sarah!! I wish I could say I looked like that every day, but sadly it’s only on photoshoot days 😉 I’m so pleased you like it, especially after I came to you for a second opinion on the early draft that had too much swing in the skirt! I am so grateful for your honest input, Cassandra is so much better for the re-drafting. I can’t wait to see which version you choose when it comes to the top of your sewing queue. I am squeezing in one final version pre-Christmas, with a couple of hacks so we’ll see how it turns out! xxx

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