A neat way to attach fusible interfacing

Fusible interfacing is brilliant and time-saving, but can leave you with a messy edge on the inside of your garment. You can finish the edge with a finishing stitch, or you can take a little time to neaten it before you even fuse your interfacing to your fabric! Follow these five simple steps for a professional-looking finish on the inside of your garment:

  1. Place facing pieces right side up, and place the interfacing pieces on top with the fusible side facing up (so the non-fusible side of the interfacing pieces should be meeting the right side of the facing pieces).
  2. Pin along the inner edge (the part that will not be sewn into the neckline seam).
  3. Using a straight stitch on a regular machine, attach the facing pieces to the interfacing pieces with a narrow seam (⅛”-¼”).
  4. Turn the facing and interfacing pieces right side out, and smooth the facing out on top of the interfacing piece. If necessary, use a point turner to ensure that the seam you have just sewn is fully turned out.
  5. Press the facing pieces with the interfacing pieces below them, to fuse the interfacing to the facing.