Dune top and maxi dress

The Dune top and maxi dress – £6.00

Dune is a summer top or maxi dress that you can make with a round neck or a scoop neck. The top has a kick hem for a flattering line, and the maxi dress can be styled casually in cotton for a day at the beach, or dressy in a slinky fabric for summer nights!

Table of measurements

  XXS (UK 4-6; US 0-2) XS (UK 6-8; US 2-4) S (UK 8-10; US 4-6) M (UK 12-14; US 8-10) L (UK 16-18; US 12-14)  XL (UK 20-22; US 16-18)
Bust 29½-30½ 31- 32 32-34 35-37 38-40 41½-43½
Waist 23-24 24½-25½ 26-28 29-31 32-34 35-37
Hips 32½-33½ 34-35 35-37 38½-40½ 41½-43½ 44½-46½

For more information about our sizing, you can see our size guide.

Recommended fabrics

Stretch jersey with good drape: viscose or rayon jersey, bamboo jersey, and silk jersey will all work well. A light cotton jersey with a good drape will also work nicely. If you use a more stable fabric, such as a heavier weight cotton jersey, a, crepe jersey or a scuba, your garment will have a more structured kick hem. If you are using a fabric with less stretch, you may wish to lengthen the neck and arm bands slightly.

Fabric requirements

Size Top Maxi dress
Fabric width 150cm/ 60” 110cm/ 45” 150cm/ 60”
XXS 70cm/ ⅞ yd 1.4m/ 1⅜yds 2.9m/ 3¼yds
XS 70cm/ ⅞ yd 1.4m/ 1⅜yds 2.9m/ 3¼yds
S 70cm/ ⅞ yd 1.4m/ 1⅜yds 3m/ 3⅜yds
M 80cm/ 1 yd 1.4m/ 1½yds 3m/ 3⅜yds
L 80cm/ 1 yd 1.4m/ 1½yds 3.1m/ 3½yds
XL 80cm/ 1 yd 1.4m/ 1½yds 3.1m/ 3½yds

Maxi dress length

It is important to get the length perfect on your maxi dress, so we have written a simple tutorial on our website that will guide you through adapting the length for your height. Just click here!

Line drawings

 * * *

Dune est un débardeur ou une robe maxi, et pour chaque version deux encolures sont possibles (ronde ou dégagée). L’ourlet arrondi du débardeur est ultra-flatteur, et vous pouvez coudre une robe maxi détendue en jersey de coton pour aller à la plage, ou élégante en jersey de viscose ou de soie pour les soirées estivales !