Turning out perfect corners

Often when turning out a corner on a garment, you are advised to trim close to the stitching. This simple alternative method (involving no cutting!) uses the seam allowances to strengthen your corner.

1. Fold the corner diagonally inwards, just above the line of stitching.

2. Fold the top (neckline) seam down on top of this.

3. Now fold the side (centre front) seam in on top of this.

Now the impossible-to-photograph part: Hold in place with one hand, and with the other reach through on the right side of your fabric, pinch the corner where all the seams are folded over, and hold onto this corner as you turn your fabric right side out.

If you’re not happy with how your point turned out, you can flip it inside out and try again; it gets easier each time you do it!

4. Use a point turner if necessary to ensure a neat point at your corner.